Feb 032014

I haven’t posted anything in here in a very long time. I thought I would post and let the blog world know I’m still alive.

I joined Red Light Center a little over a month ago. I put a link to the game/social site in the side bar to the right at the bottom. It is an adult MMO community. It gives me a great outlet to communicate with other adults without my social anxiety kicking in.

I’m still in therapy and this month will mark my fifth month seeing her. A few weeks ago I was talking about a topic that I’ve never really shared before. Sharing it has caused me a lot of trauma, which caused me to stop eating and sleeping and starting to consume alcohol. I’m trying hard to turn that around to more positive actions. A major life event might be on the horizon for me this month.

I know this is short and cryptic (which is how I am most of the time), but I promise to post more later.

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