Oct 222015

I am a transfeminist, because transgender women are women.

I have viewed myself as a girl at a very early age. I was told that I am wrong that I was born a boy. I had to hide who I was. I believed the stories that were told to me that if I did accept that I was a women society would never accept me. I would be viewed as a freak and not be able to find a job.

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Jan 032015

Tolkien Toast 2015When they had sung many songs, and talked of many things they had done together, they toasted Bilbo’s birthday, and they drank his health and Frodo’s together according to Frodo’s custom.” ― The Fellowship of the Ring, Three is Company.

After Bilbo Baggins left Bag End after his 111th birthday, Frodo Baggins gave a toast to his uncle on Bilbo and his uncle’s  birthday. (They both shared the same birth date.)  Samwise Gamgee carried on the tradition after Frodo and Bilbo made the trip to the Undying Lands. I would like to think that Frodo Gardner (the oldest son of Samwise and his wife Rose Cotton) continued the celebration as well.

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Dec 242014

A few days ago the New York Daily News had an article about the Kansas City police department posting an anti-transgender on Twitter. The KC police have a tweet-along where they would tweet their daily activities. This isn’t uncommon and many police departments have drive-alongs or virtual tweet-alongs like the KC police department. There was a series of tweets where police officers tweeted that they stopped to talk to a “possible prostitute”. Again, nothing unusual, many police departments like to harass sex workers, or those they expect to be sex workers. I personally don’t think the time and resources should be spent harassing someone who is trying to earn a living. As they were reporting their discussion of the nature of her work and telling her to get a different occupation, they found out she was a transgender woman they then said “she was … a man” and caller her a him/her. It was all very degrading of the police officers to misgender her in such a manner. She is in fact, a woman, not a man. It seemed to me that the Kansas City police department needs some sensitivity training when it comes to dealing with the transgender community.

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Dec 072014

delestrogen_190x204I’ve been taking Delestrogen for maybe six months now. I was on an estradiol transdermal patch before taking the injections, but the patches were causing some really bad skin irritations. I was a little timid about injecting myself, in fact, my doctor suggested injections before I tried the patch. I didn’t select injections because I didn’t want to inject myself. Yet, after a while I got use to giving myself a shot.

I take the shots every two weeks. The medication goes into my muscle at my thigh. I switch between my left and right thigh when taking the injections. It hurts and causes my thigh to cramp up a bit, but after an hour or two I’m fine until I have to take the shot again.

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Dec 022014
Rams Hands Up

Members of the Rams’ receiving corps show their support for the Ferguson protestors.

On Sunday during the introductions of the Rams players for the Rams-Raiders game at the Edward Jones Dome in Saint Louis, Stedman Bailey, Tavon Austin, Jared Cook, Chris Givens and Kenny Britt entered the field with their hands up in the air. The gesture was used to show solidarity with the Ferguson protestors. Since the August 9, 2014 shooting of Michael Brown, protestors have been using the rallying cry “hands up, don’t shot” while raising their hands up in the air in a surrender gesture. It is intended to send the message of how law enforcement are mistreating young African-American males by assuming that they are a threat because of their ethnicity and gender.

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Nov 252014
Jaclyn Gleen

Jaclyn Glenn

I have a confession to make. I’m an atheist. I consider myself to be an agnostic atheist. I grew up Catholic, but started to lose my faith in my early twenties. I started to become more of a rational person then a person that lives a life based on faith.

I follow some YouTubers that defend atheism. Most of them I don’t care for since they seem to be anti-theists rather than atheists. One person that I do like to follow is Jaclyn Glenn. I don’t agree with everything that she says, but the majority of the time I listen to her I find my thoughts to be the same as her thoughts. One thing I disagree with her is on feminism.

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Nov 092014

I legally changed my name on October 21st from Keith to Katherine. It has been a long journey changing my birth name to the name I have been referring to myself as since I was seven years old.

I started out changing my name on social media sites. One of the first places I requested my name change was on Wikipedia back in June. Then it was Facebook, Skype, Twitter, and a host of other things. I couldn’t do it legally until I managed to save up the money to do it.

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