Dec 082013

I usually don’t remember my dreams, but lately I have been recalling them. I had one strange dream where a football team (might have been a high school team, but I know it wasn’t professional) were all playing in only their jock straps and shoulder pads. I guess you could call it a wet dream rather then a strange dream! I asked someone in the stands why are they not wearing any uniforms. Someone replied to me that they were too poor and couldn’t afford it.

Just last night I had a dream that I had knowledge about some important event and guys were after me. I had to move from place to place very quickly. Yet, for some reason I would never leave anywhere without my computer.

There was one part in this dream where there was an explosion which caused a fire. The fire was orange and yellow. That reminded me of one dream I use to have when I was young. I was pushing a red wagon all over town. I told this to someone before and she didn’t believe me claiming that men don’t dream in color. I don’t know where she got that idea from, but I do dream in color. I especially can recall reds, oranges and yellows in my dreams.