Dec 162013

I have never told anyone about this other then my mother and father and my current therapist. I thought I would take a chance and talk about it on my blog.

When I was very young, maybe seven years old, I was laying in my bed trying to sleep when I saw this man appear at the foot of my bed. He was entirely black and was wearing a long trench coat that touched the ground and a fedora. I couldn’t make out anything else about him. Like I said, he was entirely black, very dark black, no face, no eyes, just blackness. I had this sense that he was evil and that he wanted to hurt me, but I didn’t know how. I let out a scream and my mother turned on the light and he vanished. I was confused because I knew he was there. My mother asked what I was screaming about and I told her. She scolded me, telling me that it was just my imagination and to go back to sleep. As soon as she turned off the lights he came back again. I didn’t yell this time, because I didn’t want to upset my mother, so I just threw the blankets over my head. Still to this day I can’t sleep without the blanket over my head.

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