Nov 012013

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about opening up in therapy. I did my writing assignment for the week that I mentioned in that post and the next time I went to therapy, on October 23rd, I had to read it to her.

It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. I found that when I read it I was distancing myself from the words on the page. So, my fear of crying wasn’t an issue since I emotionally I was not connecting with the words. The act of reading didn’t open me up emotionally to my therapist, but it did get me to open up my life experiences to her.

She wants me to continue to write some more to read to her while in session. I didn’t do the homework for this week’s session. I know the reason for this, but don’t wish to blog about it.

Oct 172013

I wish I could show you my sorrow.I see my therapist every Wednesday. My first session with her was on September 4, 2013, so I have been seeing her for a little more than a month now. As I mentioned in an earlier post to work on some social anxiety issues which I believe I have been living with my entire life. Even though I went there to seek help of my own initiative, I find that I cannot express myself to her.

Driving to her office I go over in my head what I want to talk to her about during the session. My eyes start to water up with the sense of sadness that is coming over me. But when I go to her office and sit down, I find it difficult to opening up to her.

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Oct 072013

Mental Illness Awareness Week
This morning I read Michelle’s post on her blog about how social anxiety started for her. She did so in honor of the United States Mental Illinois Awareness Week that started yesterday. I thought I would share some of my own experience seeking out therapy to improve my mental health and well being.

I first went to therapy in 1995 when I was 25 year old college student. I looking for some help with my relationship with my family and with the depression that I was experiencing. It quickly turned to problems that I had with my own sexual orientation. Continue reading »