Oct 092013

Gravity movie posterI went out and saw the movie Gravity on Monday evening. I was going to go over the weekend, but I kept finding reasons not to go. I usually don’t go to a movie when it first comes out unless it is a movie I really want to see. I really had no overwhelming desire to see this flick, but I was suppose to go see it to be around people. I can handle the movie theater since I get to focus more on the movie and everyone else is watching it too.

I saw previews for this movie and it didn’t really capture my interest. It looked to me like a person just drifting around in space with no real plot to it. Yet, after seeing it, the plot of the movie is about the determination to live, even if it seems that all hope is lost. The tagline for the movie says a lot: “don’t let go.” When you first see this, especially in the movie poster, it appears to mean don’t let go of the space craft. It could also mean don’t let go of who you are and your will to live.

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