Dec 072014

delestrogen_190x204I’ve been taking Delestrogen for maybe six months now. I was on an estradiol transdermal patch before taking the injections, but the patches were causing some really bad skin irritations. I was a little timid about injecting myself, in fact, my doctor suggested injections before I tried the patch. I didn’t select injections because I didn’t want to inject myself. Yet, after a while I got use to giving myself a shot.

I take the shots every two weeks. The medication goes into my muscle at my thigh. I switch between my left and right thigh when taking the injections. It hurts and causes my thigh to cramp up a bit, but after an hour or two I’m fine until I have to take the shot again.

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Nov 092014

I legally changed my name on October 21st from Keith to Katherine. It has been a long journey changing my birth name to the name I have been referring to myself as since I was seven years old.

I started out changing my name on social media sites. One of the first places I requested my name change was on Wikipedia back in June. Then it was Facebook, Skype, Twitter, and a host of other things. I couldn’t do it legally until I managed to save up the money to do it.

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Mar 182014

Today marks the third week of being on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). I do feel much better since I first started taking estrogen. I’m not as depressed as I was just four or five weeks ago. Yet, the social anxiety is still there, especially in large social situations. I have been opening up in therapy these past few weeks like I have never done before.

There are some physical differences for me as well. My nipples are now more sensitive then they have ever been. I can feel my shirt rubbing them when I move which causes them to get erect. I have been wearing a sports bra to keep a barrier between my nipples and my shirt. My facial hair is still growing but very slowly and my body hair is getting softer and finer. I’m no where near to actually looking like a female.

Feb 112014

My last post was a little over a week ago. In that post I mentioned that I will be having a major life change. Two weeks from today I will be undergoing hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) to begin my transition from a male to a female. I don’t know what could be more of a major life change!

My therapist faxed a referral to my primary care physician about two weeks ago. She also called to confirm that the fax was received. Yet, when I got there my doctor didn’t know anything about it. There are only two people on the staff plus my doctor. I can’t shake the feeling that maybe the referral intentionally didn’t get to her. My doctor wanted to talk to my therapist about this, so I signed a release of information. So far, my therapist and my doctor have not been communicating.

I turned to Howard Brown Health Center, a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender clinic in Chicago. I set up an appointment with them for next week. A week from today. I’ll get some blood work done with them at that time to check my hormone levels. Then a week after that I will be given information and my hormones. There isn’t a therapist consent needed. Instead they operate on an Informed Consent practice.

So, two weeks from today a new journey will begin for me. I actually have an appointment for consultation with laser hair removal tomorrow as well. It’ll cost me a bit to get rid of all of my body hair, I’m sure. Not to mention the clothes shopping I’ll need to do on top of the cost of the hormones themselves.

I am both excited and nervous to begin this new phase in life.