I just completed my final course for the summer quarter at National Louis University (NLU). I took two classes this quarter and got an “A” in both classes. I’m working on getting my Master at Teaching in Secondary Schools with a concentration in social sciences. I mentioned I was going to start this with a post that I made on May 19, 2023. I never did a post when I started. I’m really terrible at trying to keep up on this blog.

The coursework so far is easier then the graduate study I did at Northern Illinois University (NIU). The textbooks that NLU is assigning us to read is more geared towards an undergraduate student than a graduate student, in my opinion. When I was getting my Master of Arts in Anthropology at NIU we use to read articles from scholarly journals. The textbooks for NLU are not research or anything that in depth. It just glosses over the subject and is written in more layman’s terms.

This was also my first time doing online courses. It seemed odd not to sit in on a lecture in a classroom environment. We didn’t even have video conference calls at all. It was all done a web-based application where you would upload assignments and post in an open forum. It was hard for me to get use to. I still don’t know how I feel about it.

The fall quarter doesn’t start for me until late September, so I have some time to do other things. I’m substitute teaching secondary schools within my district. I think I might be able to substitute teach and take courses at the same time. From what I understand from other people that just recently graduated from the program, it is doable.