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Joining Starbase 118

Many moons ago I was part of a Star Trek play-by email (PBEM) game called UFOP: Starbase 118. If I recall I was playing a Human from the Philippines. I left it because of personal reasons. I forgot about it over time. I rediscovered it after reading a forum post about PBEM over on Board Game Geek. I thought it would be fun to play it again. Especially since I had a lot of time on my hands.

This time I made a unjoined Trill named Tara Wilkins. I have a bit of her history in my head. Right now I’m in training. I’ll get access to their wiki once I complete training and become an ensign. I’m hoping training goes smoothly and that I get my character assigned to a ship. I think the game will also hone my reading and writing skills a bit more.

Star Trek: Picard – “Remembrance”

The first episode of Star Trek: Picard, “Remembrance” came out today and I just got done watching it. I was hoping it wouldn’t be a show that would fit more into the Kelvin timeline than in the prime timeline. Based on the trailer that I have been watching in preparation for the series, I thought it might be all action and no humanitarian story line as the original Star Trek and the following Star Trek television series have been like. I have to say that I was delighted to enjoy the episode and had a better first impression with it over the impression I had with Star Trek: Discovery.

Warning: spoilers are ahead. There was some action in the episode, but it wasn’t central to the plot. We had a sneak peak of Data in Picard’s dreams. He was probably dreaming about him so much because of the synthetics (as androids are called) for some reason revolted on Mars. We are not explained why it happened, but we do know that Picard has deep feelings for the synthetics because of his admiration for Data. The Federation put a ban on synthetics after the incident. This caused Admiral Picard to retire from Starfleet.

The plot reminded me of the Star Trek: The Next Generation second season episode “The Measure of a Man“. In the episode Picard had to argue to Starfleet that Data was in fact a living sentient being. It appeared to me that he also held this belief for synthetics from that point to the point of this episode. In fact the line is so blurred that Dahj is a synthetic made of flesh and blood. I was also wondering if it would blur the line between a clone and a human being.

I’m eagerly awaiting for the next episode next week.

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